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Why do I need a Survey?

In today’s uncertain market, the importance of seeking independent professional advice has never been so great.  Home ownership is one of the biggest financial commitments you will ever make.  Whether you are buying, selling or staying at home, if you want a good understanding of the condition or value of a property, you should consider having a survey or valuation carried out by a Chartered Surveyor.


Many purchasers believe that the Mortgage Valuation carried out by the bank constitutes a survey. It does not! This is usually a surveyor appointed by the lender and includes a brief inspection of the property to establish whether the agreed purchase price is reasonable.  It is therefore essential that a more detailed survey is carried out.


ForeSite Surveyors can offer the following services;

Market Value

If you are completely happy with the condition of the property and are not taking out a mortgage, an independent market valuation can give you the peace of mind that you are buying at the right price.


A market valuation can also be used for Probate and Matrimonial purposes.


RICS Condition Report

This level of survey focuses solely on the condition of the property and is well suited for more modern properties, properties of a traditional construction which appear to be in a reasonable condition.  The survey looks at all of the building elements identifying any repairs required.


RICS Homebuyer Report

This is a very popular level of survey suitable for properties up to about 120 years old which are of standard construction.  The report also includes an independent valuation and insurance reinstatement valuation.  The level of inspection is more detailed than the condition report and the report also includes advice on repairs and ongoing maintenance.


An independent survey of your home before putting it on the market can help you prepare your home for sale and will highlight any required repairs which could hinder a sale or give your purchaser grounds to renegotiate.


Dealing with problems in advance can help you present your property in a more saleable condition to achieve maximum price and help you avoid any costly delays in the sale process.


A market valuation can help you decide on a suitable asking price. The level of inspection is similar to that of a mortgage valuation and the report will highlight any issues that may be of concern to a potential lender.


Not Moving?

An independent survey of the current condition of your home can highlight any repairs required and help you plan ongoing maintenance. In so many cases, costly repairs could have been avoided if they were dealt with earlier. “Spend a little now and maybe save a lot!”


An insurance reinstatement valuation can also help you ensure that you have the right level of building insurance in place.


Other Services

Foresite Surveyors can prepare valuation reports for Probate and Matrimonial Mediation Purposes, Reinstatement Valuations for Insurance Purposes . We can also provide Expert Witness Reports and Housing Disrepair Claims.